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The rmaNow website is designed for Enterprise Organizations who use the Google ChromeBooks and Chromeboxes manufactured by Samsung to obtain RMAs for Out of Warranty and Non Warranty Repairs.

  • 24x7 Online Quote and RMA creation with shipping print out
  • Ability to purchase additional Power Adapters Online
  • Ability to add Customer Specific Reference Number
  • Ability to create an "Evaluation Only" RMA
  • Ability to look up RMA status by unit serial number
  • Ability to look up RMA status by Customer Reference Number
  • Ability to select specific ship to address for large organizations
  • Discounted Repair and Parts Pricing
  • Enterprise Organization (Educational/School District, Government, Business)
  • Approved Credit and PO for repair charges
  • Login for each user of an organization who is authorized to create and approve quotes
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